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The Towers: Troublemaker, 6


The Tower: Troublemakers
An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 6

Series Masterlist


Word Count: 2400ish

Warnings:  smut (Bisexual orgy.  Oral, anal, vaginal sex. Anal and vaginal fingering.  Public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism.  Dom/Sub.  Videotaping.  Toys including plugs and anal vibrators, slight humiliation kink, elevator sex.  Clint has so many orgasms).

Synopsis: When half the team gets stuck on a mission, Clint, Bruce and Elly find ways to distract themselves. Steve has something in store for his little troublemakers.


Steve Rogers is really giving.  Probably not that much of a surprise.  He’s died in service of his country and allowed them to run experiments on him because he wanted to serve.  It translates to pretty much everything he does.  He seems to take most of his pleasure from providing it. 

So when he does kink, while he does enjoy it, it’s more the other people’s reactions that he likes.  When he does something that requires him to dom, he excels at aftercare.

After our session of punishments, Steve took both Clint and I and ran a bath for us.  Joining us in it for cuddles once he’d cleaned up and put things away in the living area.  He brought us hot chocolate too and we drank it while snuggled into his side.  He checked us for any marks and rubbed lotion on our skins and when the water cooled off we hopped out and dressed in warm pajamas and went back out to the living room.

Tony and Bruce were there with an array of pastas, soups, and fried foods laid out on the coffee table between them.  “Oh look, here’s trouble,”  Tony said, grinning up at us.

I grabbed myself a bowl of pasta and Tony pulled me down into his lap.  “I hear you’ve been up to some shenanigans missy.  Corrupting my sweet little Bruce.”

I settled against him and nuzzled at his neck.  “Mmm… I like corrupting people.”

“Don’t you know that’s my job, dear?”  Tony teased.

I took a bite of my food and look at him.  “Guess how many rooms in your tower Clint and I defiled?

“Mmm… don’t know.  Why don’t you tell me?”  Tony teased.

“Nat’s room,”  I said.

“Well, that rooms already been pretty defiled.”

“And the gym,”  I added.

Tony quirked an eyebrow.  That’s a good one.  I bet that was fun.”

I hummed.  “Mmmm super fun.”  I said.  “And here.”

“I knew about here.  You got all three of the boys here didn’t you, you dirty girl.”  He said running his hand up my thigh.

I took another bite and nodded my head.

“Is that it?  Three’s not many.”  He said.

“The elevator,”  I said.

His hand traveled a little higher and he tightened his fingers.  “And how was that?  I know you have a thing for the elevator.”

“It was so hot, Tony.  Clint slammed the stop button and just lifted me up.  He tore my yoga pants and just fucked me so hard.”  I whispered into his ear.

His hand tightened more, really digging into my flesh before he relaxed and started drawing circles on my skin.  “My goodness, Legolas.  That doesn’t sound like you.”

“I got a lot of tricks up my sleeves,”  Clint said with a shrug.

“Anywhere else?”  Tony asked.

“In the command room,”  I answered.

Tony started laughing.  “I don’t know what I’m more upset about.  That I didn’t notice or that you didn’t invite me.”  He said.  “In the perch?”

“You got it,”  Clint said.  “She was a good little girl.  Nice and quiet.”

“How come I got left out of your little game?”  Tony teased.

I raised my eyebrow at him as I chewed on a mouthful of pasta.  “Who says you have been?”

“Charming.”  Tony teased poking me in the side.  “You can’t possibly be up for more.  How much sex can one girl have in a day?”

“So much, Tony.  I have stamina for days.”  I joked.

“Well let’s see how you feel after dinner,”  Tony said patting my thigh.  “You don’t owe me anything.  I’m glad you were breaking in my tower for me though.”

“Of course.”  I joked.  “It was my pleasure.”

Tony started laughing which set me off and it soon spread through the room.  After dinner, Steve and I cleaned up and packed away the leftovers.  We went into the bedroom.  Bruce and Clint were already under the covers kind of snuggled up together, while Tony was coming out of the closet after changing into a pair of pajama pants.  I went straight for him, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing his throat at the pulse point.

He slid his hands up under my shirt and over my back.  “Oh, hello. We’re just jumping right into this then.”

I hummed and brought my lips to his and pulled myself tightly against him.  I started walking us back towards the pit bed.  As our lips caressed against each other my hands went to his pants.  “Can’t believe with all the sex I had today, here was not one of the places,”  I said pushing Tony’s pants down.

“Okay, so everyone’s clothes are coming off or just mine here?”  Tony said.

I pulled my shirt up over my head and jumped down into the pit.  “That’s up to everyone else.”  Tony climbed down in after me and I pushed my pants off and threw them away.

“Well, I’m game for more.  If I can get all of me to come play.”  Clint joked.

I pushed Tony down onto his back and straddled his lap.  “Well, I’m just going to be over here doing this.  So you guys are all welcome to do whatever it is you want to do.”

Tony started laughing.  “You’re really in a mood today aren’t you, bossy?”

I rocked my hips against him feeling his cock harden completely against my pussy.  “Mmm… you should try me.”  I said.  Tony pulled me down into a hard kiss, bunching my hair in his hand.

As Tony and I kissed Clint crawled over and started ghosting his hands over Tony and I, making my skin prickle and my nipples harden.  I pulled back from Tony and sat up, resting my hands against his chest and looking at Clint.  “You’ve come to play?” I asked

“Mm-hmm…”  He hummed.  “I think so.”

“Come here, let me kiss it better,”  I said and leaned back against him.  We kissed hungrily.  Our tongues circling each other.  Clint’s hands ran down my stomach and stopped at my pussy.  He began to tease my clit with his thumb and rubbed his fingertip over the sensitive spot just under the head of Tony’s cock.

Tony let out a strangled moan and his thigh muscles flexed as he pushed up against me.  His hand moved to Clint’s ass and he trailed it around to his cock teasing his fingers up the length.  I think this was another first and I think it was playing out as a gift for me.  Either way, I liked it. I like that Tony was back and part of it fully.  I liked that Bruce was watching and not being scared off by the possibility of a code green.

I broke the kiss with Clint and Tony dragged me down to kiss me again.  This time hungrier and more animalistic.  He nipped at my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth.  “How is this working?   We gonna pass you around?  The bird seems quite comfortable.”

“That’s up to you guys.  Whatever you feel most comfortable doing.”  I said.  “But Clint has been very eager to participate with everyone.  So if you’re happy with him here…”  I said leaning back and running my fingers through Clint’s hair and tugging on the ends.

“If the bird wants to play, we can play,”  Tony said.  His hands went to my hips and he held me still as he guided his cock inside of me.  I hummed letting my head fall back as he sunk in to the hilt.  “Really wanted to round us all out tonight, huh?”  He teased.

I suddenly felt quite bad.  Like I wasn’t being fair to Tony.  That I was just using him.  Or he at least felt that way.  “No.  It wasn’t… I wasn’t…”  I said shaking my head.

He sat up and wrapped his arms around me.  “Hey, it’s okay.  I was just teasing.  I’m always teasing.”  He said.  “I do, really love you. You know that?”

“I know.  I really love you too.”  I whispered back and started to roll my hips against him.  Swirling them in his lap.  I reached behind me and slipped my hand into Clint’s pants and began to stroke his cock.

Clint kissed the side of my throat, his thumb was still rolling against my clit sending little shivers through me.  He growled as I let my fingers run over his balls and between his legs.  I moved faster in Tony’s lap moaning a little.  Tony pushed me back against Clint and leaned down, sucking a nipple into his mouth.  I mewled and pumped Clint’s dick faster was my other hand dug into Tony’s back.

“Tell us what you want, Princess,”  Clint growled as Tony switched nipples.

I moaned and looked between the two of them.  “I want you both. Can I have you both?”

“If that’s what you want, I’m sure that can be arranged.  Can’t it, Tones?”  Clint said, his hand running up over my stomach.

Tony pulled off my nipple grazing his teeth over it.  “Sounds good to me.”

Tony pulled me down on top of him again, kissing me.  Our tongues danced together and I rocked against him, moving up and down on his shaft.  Clint moved behind us and I was vaguely aware of him shuffling around as he removed his pants and slicked his cock with lube.  He put his hand on the small of my back and I stilled, pressing my face against Tony’s neck.  Clint’s cock pressed against my entrance and he leaned over and kissed my shoulder.

“You ready, princess?”  He whispered.

I hummed and nodded my head and Clint slowly eased into me his cock pressing against Tony’s.  The three of us moaned in unison.  “Holy fuck.”   I gasped and clenched my walls around them.

“How you doing there, Princess?  I need something verbal.”  Clint asked.

“Good.”  I mewled.  “Please fuck me.”

“Okay, princess. As you wish.”

They both started to move.   Tony just slowly fucking into me while Clint moved a bit faster.  I reached behind me and held on to Clint’s hip and my other went to Tony’s hair.  I started kissing him again, and he matched my passion moaning against my lips.

“Oh, fuck feels so good.”  Clint groaned picking up his pace a little.

I gasped breaking the kiss and my head rolling back.  “Oh fuck, yes.”

Clint and Tony’s fingers met at my clit and they worked together to pinch and rub it.  It sent spikes of pleasure through me and I couldn’t keep it together.  “Fuck.  That’s it. Yes!”  I cried as my orgasm broke.  My cunt spasmed around their cocks and my legs shook.

Clint groaned and I leaned back and started kissing him.  Both men continued to rut into me but Tony’s thrusts became erratic.  “Oh fuck.”  He groaned.

I pulsed my cunt and rolled my hips with their thrusts running my hands over Tony’s chest.  Clint and I continued to kiss but I could feel both their cocks starting to twitch.

“Oh shit.  M’ gonna.”  Tony groaned, his fingers opening and closing on my hips.

I broke the kiss with Clint and leaned down to Tony’s ear.  “Give it to me, Tony.  I want it.  I want you to fill me.”

Tony let out a strangled mewl his hips moved a little faster and he came inside me.  The pulsing of his cock sent Clint over too, and I moaned and closed my eyes just feeling them as they emptied in me together.  I hummed.  “Oh god.  Feels so good.”

When their cocks stilled Clint pulled out and I slipped off Tony and looked over at Steve.  He was sitting on the edge of the pit, watching us with lust darkened eyes and slowly stroking his cock.  I started to stalk towards him.

“Hell of a time, birdbrain,”  Tony said, running his hand up and down Clint’s leg as they watched me crawl towards Steve.

I sat back on my heels between his legs and look up at him.  “Can I help with that?”

“Of course you can. Just what did you have in mind?”  Steve asked smiling down at me.

I started placing kisses up the inside of his legs, grazing my teeth over his skin.  “Mmm… nothing specific.”

“Nothing specific, mhmm hmm.”  He teased as he ran his hands over my back.

I flattened my tongue and ran it up Steve’s shaft.  “Mmm… nothing specific.”

He let out a low moan and tangled his hands in my hair.  I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking his cock.  I dropped my head low taking as much of his considerable size into my mouth as I could fit and swirled my tongue.  I slowly bobbed my head up and down hollowing my cheeks and pushing him further and further back into my throat.

“Such an eager little girl, aren’t you?”  Steve growled and he started guiding me by my hair.  I moaned and submitted to him, relaxing my throat and curling my tongue around his shaft.  I brought my hands up and began rolling his balls and running my hands up between his legs.

“Do you want me to come in your mouth? Is that what you’re aiming for here?”  He growled, gently thrusting into my mouth.

I pulled back and looked up at him.  “I don’t know.”  I hummed grazing my teeth over my bottom lip.  “Where would you like to come?  You tell me.”

Steve growled and pulled me into his lap and into a hard kiss.  He grabbed my waist and held me in place as his hips snapped up and he sunk into me.  I gasped and braced myself against his shoulders.  “Oh fuck, you feel so good inside me, Steve.”

He started thrusting fast up into me.  “That’s good.  Because it feels real good to be inside you, sweetheart.”

I slowly circled my hips but Steve kept just fucking up into me.  He would give me a brief moment to adjust to one speed before he quickened it again.  His thumb moved to my clit and he rolled it in tight circles.  “Oh fuck.  Fuck.  Steve.”  I panted.

Steve leaned down and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth.  I keened, throwing my head back.  “I’m gonna… Fuck!  Steve!’  I babbled.

“Go ahead and come, little girl,”  Steve growled.

His words acted like a trigger to me.  My whole body seized up as I came for him.  He must have been waiting for me, because the pulsing of my cunt was met with that of his cock as he spilled in waves inside me, mixing with Clint and Tony.

I let my body relax, leaning my head against his shoulder as our bodies settled.  Steve gently caressed my back his lips pressed to the top of my head.

When I’d managed to catch my breath I slipped from his lap turning my attention to Bruce.  He was sitting at the opposite side of the bed still dressed but his pajama pants were tented and his eyes were flecked with green.

“How about you, B?”  I asked stalking towards him.  “Would you like to play today?”

He gave a small nod.  “Y-yes.  Yes.  I think I’d like that.”  He said.

I knelt beside him and started to unbutton his pajama shirt.  “Mm… and how would you like to play, Doctor Banner?  Shall I suck your cock?  Would you like me to pin you back and ride you?  Or maybe you’d like to do that to me?  Something a little gentler perhaps?”  I said.

His cock jumped in his pants and he let out a moan.  “I want to fuck you.  Come inside you like everyone else has.”  He said and his eyes darted to Tony.

“Mm… that sounds good.  I’d like that.”  I hummed kissing his throat.  “And would you like Tony to come play too?”  He nodded making a little whine sound.   “Tony, you up for another round?”  I asked.

Tony moved over to us.  “For my Brucie Bear.  Of course.  I can always get it up for a science convention.”

I started chuckling and my hand went to Bruce’s pants.  He caught me by my wrist and I raised my eyes to look at him.  “No.  I’m going to fuck you.  And Tony will fuck me.  We’re going to put on a good show for Clint and the Captain, aren’t we?”  He growled.

I nodded and he pulled me into a hard kiss, rolling me onto my back.  Tony came up behind him and they kissed as Tony removed Bruce’s shirt and began working down his pants.

When he was naked Bruce broke away from Tony and turned back to me.   He pinned my hands above my head and eased into me.  I brought my knees up and hooked one ankle around his back.  “I think you might have made me discover a whole bunch of kinks I was really scared to explore before, El.”  He whispered into my ear as he started to rut into me.  “You like being watched don’t you?”

I whimpered and my skin prickled hearing him talk to me like this.  “Yes, oh fuck yes.”

“Mmm… I like it too.  I like to watch as well.  I should say we.  We like to watch and then after we like to have them watch us.  I was always scared of that too.  Sharing the space with him.  But I like doing it.  He pushes me to do things I wouldn’t have even imagined.”  Bruce whispered.

I moaned and Tony moved behind him and watched us as he stroked his cock, getting himself hard as he coated it in lube.  Bruce began thrusting harder into my sensitive pussy and I helplessly opened and closed my hands above my head.

“Maybe tomorrow, I might talk to Clint about making our relationship physical.  What do you think?”  Bruce asked, his voice a low growl.

“Fuck yes.”  I moan.  “You should, B.”

Tony put his hand on Bruce’s back and Bruce stilled as Tony lined himself up behind him. Tony eased into Bruce’s ass pushing Bruce deeper into me. Bruce made a noise somewhere between a moan and a growl.  It was deep and low and primitive and seemed to be not just from him, but the Hulk too.

I hooked my ankles around Tony drawing him deeper into Bruce and making him moan and leaned forward biting into Bruce’s shoulder.  Bruce and Tony started to move, starting out slow, as they got used to the position before picking up both speed and force.  The three of us couldn’t keep quiet and I was very aware of Clint and Steve sitting across from us, curled into each other and watching intently.

I was too wound up and sensitive to last long and I came under both of them, arching my body and crying out.  Bruce stifled my sounds with a hungry kiss and released my hands.  I wrapped them around his neck and kissed him deeply.  The tone shifted a little from just hard fucking to something else.  Bruce broke our kiss and leaned back and kissed Tony.  They started rolling their hips more.  Tony reached around Bruce and began stroking the base of his cock and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

Another orgasm hit me and I bit down into Bruce’s shoulder.  The fluttering of my cunt brought him over with me and his come mixed with everyone else’s.  Tony picked up the pace behind him, bracing a hand on Bruce’s hip and the other on his shoulder.  His brow furrowed and he grunted with each thrust.  I reached around and teased his balls, rolling them and tugging on them.  “Oh fuck.”  He groaned and with a jerk, he came.

As the last of our orgasms passed through us Steve moved into carer mode again.  He got up, got us all water and wash clothes and even helped clean each of us up.

We settled back into bed all on the same side.  Clint curled up in Bruce’s arms and buried his face in his neck while Steve and Tony curled around me making me feel both small and safe.

I fell asleep quickly and woke at about 3 am to movement in the room as the others filed in and got cleaned up before climbing as silently as they could into bed.  There was some shifting of bodies.  Clint and Bruce didn’t wake and I saw Sam do a double take as he and Bucky curled into Steve.  Wanda crawled into my arms and nuzzled up under my chin before falling asleep immediately and Natasha lay down on the other side of her to spoon her from behind.  She reached over and brushed my hair off my brow.  “You know, you and Clint are in so much trouble tomorrow don’t you, mishka?”

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