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The Tower: Troublemakers, 5


The Tower: Troublemakers
An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 5

Series Masterlist


Word Count: 3000ish

Warnings:  smut (Bisexual orgy.  Oral, anal, vaginal sex. Anal and vaginal fingering.  Public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism.  Dom/Sub.  Videotaping.  Toys including plugs and anal vibrators, slight humiliation kink, elevator sex.  Clint has so many orgasms).

Synopsis: When half the team gets stuck on a mission, Clint, Bruce and Elly find ways to distract themselves. Steve has something in store for his little troublemakers.



Chapter 5: Punishment

“And what am I going to do with you troublemakers?”

Steve stood at the door to the stairwell assessing Clint, Bruce and I with his arms crossed over his chest.  Clint was sitting alone on the couch a little gingerly thanks to the black buttplug he had in place.  He was wearing nothing but his colorful boxer-briefs and his cock was already hard and straining against them thanks to the little sex show Bruce and I had just put on.  Bruce’s shirt was disheveled and he looked up at Steve sheepishly as I sat in his lap.  I was dressed in a matching 1940s style corset and underwear.  My hair and makeup were done, although they were starting to look a little messy.  My panties were a soaked mess.

I smiled up at Steve and he walked into the room and sat on the empty couch.  “It’s over by the way.  They’re on their way home.  Should be back at around two.  So I think we should all sleep in the common room so we’re here for them when they get back in.”

The three of us let out a sigh of relief and Steve smiled softly at us for a moment.  “Thank god.”  Clint breathed.

I got up and walked over to Steve and straddled his thighs.  One of his hands went to my ass and he gripped it pulling me down into his lap.  I started nuzzling his neck.  “This is what you want, huh?  For me to punish you for misbehaving?”  He asked.

“Well, we were awfully bad.  Just going at it all over the tower.  Distracting you from your work.”  I whispered.

Bruce got up.  “I think I might excuse myself.  I’m not sure that the other guy will like being punished too much.  I’ll go see what Tony’s up to.  We’ll come down when you’re done.”

Steve reached out and gave Bruce’s hand a squeeze as he walked by.  When Bruce had gotten on the elevator Steve started kneading my ass.  “Did you like the things we sent you?”  I whispered slowly kissing his throat.

“I did, but the whole package in person is much better.”  He replied as his hands roamed up and down my back.

“I’m so glad you like it. It’s all for you, Steve. I even got Clint all prepped for you.”  I teased, letting my breath tickle his neck.

“My two little troublemakers.”  He said with a side smile.  “Who should I start with? Should I start with Clint and make you just sit and watch?”

“I think that would have exactly the result you are hoping for.”  I hummed.

His hand slid up to my hair and he bunched it in his fist.  “Or should I just bend the both of you over my lap, and teach you a lesson?”

I whimpered and wiggled in his lap.  “Well, that sounds pretty effective too.  You could always do both.”

“Both, hmm?”  Steve mused.  He looked over at Clint and tapped his thigh.  “Come here, my little bird.”

Clint got up and approached him and Steve pulled him down into a rough kiss.  I whimpered watching them and slid off Steve’s lap.  Steve kept one hand wrapped around my thigh and the other teased over the waistband of Clint’s boxers.  “Okay, little bird.  Let me see.”  He growled, breaking the kiss.

Clint stepped away and pushed his boxers down.  His cock sprung up and when he kicked the boxers away he turned and bent over letting the two of us see the plug in place.  I whimpered again and Steve looked at me.

“What is it?  The plug or the anticipation?”  He whispered against my ear.

“Both.”  I hummed.  “He looks so good and he’s so ready for you, Steve.”

“Are you ready for me, Clint?”  Steve asked as Clint straddled his lap.

“As I’ll ever be,”  Clint answered.

They kissed again, and Steve unfastened his pants and pulled his cock out.  He pressed both his and Clint’s cock together and started to stroke them in tandem.

“On all fours, little bird,”  Steve instructed when he broke the kiss.

Clint got on all fours and Steve moved down behind him.  He pulled his shirt off over his head and began teasing his hands down Clint’s back.  “Now, my sweet girl.  I want you to film me fucking Clint.  Then we’ll send that video to Natasha so she can see what she missed out on and maybe she might like to punish you both later too.  You can send it to Bucky and Sam too.  That will be more like a promise.”

I picked up my phone.  “Nothing for Wanda?”  I asked, moving into a position where I could see better.

“We’ll make Wanda a different video,”  Steve said and when I hit record he eased the plug out of Clint’s ass and put it on the towel on the coffee table.  He picked up the lube and squirted it on his fingers before teasing over Clint’s asshole.  Clint arched his back a little and Steve thrust two fingers into him twisting his wrist as he did.

Clint moaned loudly and his head fell forward while I whimpered again, my already ruined panties only getting more soaked.  I rubbed my legs together to get some relief as I filmed what was happening.

“Patience, doll.  That’ll get you everywhere.”  Steve said looking up at me as he pumped his fingers inside Clint.

“Sorry.”  I whispered.

Steve twisted his hand again and Clint squirmed and made a low groan.  His cock jumped and precome leaked from the head.

“Oh god, Clint.  You look so hot right now.”  I whimpered.

Clint moaned again and pushed back against Steve’s fingers.  Steve slapped his ass.  “Patience to you too.”  He growled.

“Natasha is going to love this, Clint,”  I said, my voice coming out as a needy whine.

“Hmmm.  Yes.  She.  Will.”  Clint moaned out his cock twitching.

“Oh yes.  Natasha would love seeing you with my fingers in your hole.”  He growled and slapped him again.  “Scream for Nat.  You know she likes to hear you.”

Clint and I both made a similar muffled whimper sound.

“Captain, ’M gonna. Need to. Please.”  Clint begged.  His legs were trembling like he was fighting the urge to move again.

I pressed my palm against my pussy hoping the pressure would give me some relief.  “I fucked his ass with a vibrator earlier, Steve.  He’s ready to take you.”

“Oh, you dirty little boy,”  Steve growled pulling his fingers out and wiping them with a wipe.  “On your back.”

Clint rolled over and lifted his legs putting them on Steve’s shoulders.  Steve slicked his cock with lube and pushed Clint’s legs back so his knees were almost at his ears and started to slowly ease his cock into Clint’s ass.  He was surprisingly gentle, letting Clint slowly adjust to Steve’s considerable size until he was buried to the hilt.

I let out a ragged breath.  “Fuck.  You have no idea how good you both look right now.  You take it so well, Clint.”

“I’m a good little cock slut, but only sometimes. For Nat, yes.”  Clint moaned arching a bit so his stomach muscles pulled tight.

“Nat’s going to see this.  See how good you’re being.  I bet she’ll reward you when she gets back.”  I mewled.

Clint hummed and Steve started to thrust deep into him.  I just watched for a while making sure I kept the camera steady.  Clint’s sounds got louder and louder and they were joined by growls and soft moans from Steve.  Steve continued to praise him and talk about Natasha and as Clint’s cock began to twitch he took it in his hand and started to pump.

“Fuck.  Does it feel good, Clint?  Steve is taking such good care of you.”  I whimpered.

“Feels good.”  Clint gasped.  “So full.”

I reached out and ran my hand down Clint’s stomach feeling the way they spasmed under my hand.   Steve’s hand went to Clint’s shoulder for better leverage as he started to really fuck hard into him.

“I’m going to let him come all over his stomach. Make sure you get that for Natasha.”  Steve growled.

“Yes, Steve.”  I whimpered.

He kept thrusting looking down at Clint while he pumped Clint’s cock.  “Whenever you’re ready, my little bird.”

Clint made a series of small moans and whimpers as his muscles twitched.  “Thank you, Captain.”  He said and he arched up and came over his stomach.

Steve’s thrusting slowed until Clint’s cock stilled.  He pulled out and used some wipes to clean himself up before he pulled his pants back up.  “Elise, I want you to clean Clint up.”  I went to get the wipes and he shook his head.  “With your tongue, little girl.”

I bent over Clint and licked up all the come, running my tongue over his now very sensitive cock, making him whimper.  When there was not a drop left I moved back to my knees.

“Patience is rewarded, doll,”  Steve said.

“Thank you, Steve,”  I said.

“You’re welcome, my good girl.”  He looked us over and his face fell serious.  “Now, I think it’s time to teach the two of you your lesson. I want you bent over the couch, side by side.”

Clint and I moved into position and Steve came up behind us.  “We going with traffic lights?”  He asked us.  Both Clint and I nodded in agreement.  Steve kneaded my ass cheeks for a moment before bringing his hand back and slapping my left cheek.  A sting of pain bloomed and then heat spread through me.  Steve repeated the action on Clint, making him make a small squeak sound.  He grabbed my other ass check and struck again.  I squeaked and shifted a little.  He repeated the process again and again.  First me, then Clint.  Occasionally one of us would get two in a row.  Each strike made me more and more aroused.  Steve started fingering me between strikes, dragging out, so my fluids started running down my leg.

“How many was that?”  Steve asked.

“10,”  I answered quickly.

“And how many orgasms have you had today?”  He asked.

I thought for a moment quickly going through what happened in my head.  There was one in the perch above the control room, one in the elevator.  One in my bed when Clint ate me out.  One in the gym.  One when we fucked in the common room and another when he fingered me in front of Clint.  “Six.  Six, Steve.”

“Two each sounds good,”  Steve said and struck me two more times.

“Thank you, Steve.”  I half moaned, as tears pricked my eyes.  Clint’s hand tightened in mine and he tapped it with his fingers.

“Little bird, you’re recording now,”  Steve ordered.  Clint let my hand go and he got up and got my phone.

“Whose panties are these?”  He asked, running his fingers along the soaked fabric.

What he meant was ‘did I borrow them off Nat’.  Not that I could have fit in Nat’s panties without them digging into my thighs and waist.  But he wasn’t used to me wearing anything like this.  I decided to go for a different answer.

“It’s yours, Steve.  It belongs to you.”

He made a low growl sound and grabbed them and tore a hole in the crotch before grabbing my waist and slamming into me.  I gasped as I was pushed roughly against the couch.

“Thank you, Steve,”  I said, as I moved to brace myself better.

“Don’t thank me just yet.”  He said and started to fuck hard into me.

My hands scrambled for purchase and I kept cursing and moaning as he pounded into my sensitive cunt.  He pulled out and flipped me over, laying me on the couch properly before he was inside me again.  I put my feet up on his shoulders he started rubbing my clit and it immediately became too much.  I arched up violently and came, screaming out and my whole body shuddering.

Steve slowed his thrusting before pulling out.  He pulled me up into his lap and ran his hands over my shoulders.  “How are we doing here?”  He whispered.

“Green.  So green.”  I panted.

“Okay.  I want you to take the rest of this off.  Clint and I are going to watch.  So give us a nice show.”  He said and patted my thigh.

I got up and started to move.  Dancing to unheard music.  My hips twisted and rolled.  I ran my hands down my stomach.  Clint had moved to be sitting next to Steve and he made a choked whining sound as his eyes trained on me.

“Did you want to do something, little bird?”  Steve asked, running his hand up Clint’s thigh.  Clint shook his head but I could see his cock starting to twitch again.

I removed my stockings and my ruined underwear but I needed help getting the ties of the corset undone. I moved over to Steve and turned away from him and started to grind my ass in his lap.  His cock pressed against my ass cheeks and smeared sticky fluids on my skin.  Steve ran his hands up my sides and then grabbed the corset and just tore it off.  He threw it to the side and then pulled me back against him.  His hands ran over my breast and teased my nipples.

“I want you on all fours.  You’re going to use that pretty mouth of yours on Clint’s dick.”  He whispered.

I whimpered and nodded my head, slipping from his lap and crouching in front of Clint.  I placed long slow kisses up his inner thighs and ghosted my fingertips over his hips.  Clint let out a moan and looked at Steve like he wasn’t sure what he was allowed to do.

“Be a good little bird,”  Steve said running his hand through Clint’s hair.

As Clint’s cock hardened more I started placing little kitten licks up the shaft as I continued to tease over his hips and thighs.

“Make sure you’re teasing him. Make him squirm.”  Steve praised.

I kept going, just teasing him to hardness.  When he was fully erect I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and slowly lowered my head down keeping my mouth wide so I barely even touched him.  Clint let out a whimper and when I had his cock fully in my mouth I sucked hard.  Clint’s hips jerked.  “Ahh fuck.”  He hissed as his hands opened and closed on the couch.

Steve ran his hand down Clint’s side and down over my back.  “That’s it.  You’re both doing so well.”

I started to suck his cock properly moving my head up and down, licking and swirling up and down his shaft.  Steve got down on his knees and ran his hands over me.  He moved behind me and started to tease my cunt with his cock.  He slapped it against my clit and ran it up and down my folds.  I moaned around Clint’s cock and my fingers tightened on his hips.

“That’s a good girl.  When Clint get’s his release you can have yours.”  Steve said as he sunk back inside me again.

I kept my focus on Clint, as Steve slowly fucked me from behind.  As Clint started losing more and more control of himself Steve started fucking me harder.  One hand wrapped around me and he began teasing my clit as Clint’s abs began tightening.  I watched as Steve stroked his hand over Clint’s stomach.  Clint groaned and his cock twitched in my mouth.

“Fuck.”  Clint groaned.  It was quickly followed by a gasped ‘oh’.

“Are you close, my little bird?”  Steve asked, dragging his hand down Clint’s stomach.  “You have my permission to come.  Scream out if you like.”

I cupped Clint’s balls and massaged them in my palm as I curled my tongue around his shaft.   “Fuck.  Feels good.”  He groaned.

Steve pulled him down into a rough kiss and Clint bucked up against me, his cock twitched and he came, spilling over my tongue and down my throat and moaning into Steve’s mouth.

I drank him down and relaxed into Steve.  “That’s it.  You did so well.  Both of you.”  He cooed.

I released Clint’s cock and rested against his legs.  Clint stroked my hair as Steve fucked me.  I didn’t last long.  I was overworked and hyperstimulated.   I came moaning against Clint and my legs started trembling.

“I’m nearly there, El.  What color are you?”  Steve asked.

“Green.  Keep going, Steve.”   I whined.  “I want it.  I want your come inside me.  I want you to fill me with it.  I already had Bruce and Clint.  Clint over and over.  Don’t you want to too?”

Steve let out a deep groan and picked up his pace.  “Such a naughty girl, with practically every guy still in this tower.”

“Mm-hmm… Just need Tony.”  I hummed.

“You going to ask FRIDAY to summon him, so you can cross us all off the list?”  Steve teased.

I could feel his cock starting to twitch inside me.  I began pulsing my walls, milking him with my cunt.  “Maybe I should.  Doesn’t seem fair that I miss out on one.”

He slapped my ass.  “You’re such a good little slut aren’t you?”

“I am for you.”  I moaned.

Steve grunted, his hips snapped forward and he came.  “Fuck.”  He groaned.

He slipped out of me and I just collapsed where I was.  “Ok, sweethearts.  Let’s go take a bath.”  He said and scooped me up in his arms.  “You want me to carry you, Clint?”

Clint shook his head.  “No. I’m okay.  But I’ll take the cuddles when we’re in the tub.”

“Of course, little bird,”  Steve said, putting his arm around Clint’s waist.  “FRIDAY, can you put in a delivery order.  Comfort foods.”

“Of course, Captain Rogers.”  The AI replied.

“Alight.  Let’s get cleaned up and wind down.”  Steve said and kissed us both on the temples before taking us into the bathroom.


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