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  Their home shouldn’t fit, and yet it does anyway.
Prompt:  Winterwidowhawk + Pets


The rundown apartment in the rundown apartment block in Bedstuy maybe didn’t look like the best place to house three adults and three pets.  It only had one bedroom for starters and two of the adults were pretty big guys.  The California king bed barely fit the people in it, and with the dog and two cats trying to find a spot, there was a lot of sleeping on top of each other.  It was owned though, not rented and they were lucky to have it.

Lucky no one there seemed to mind that one bit.

Luck was a theme in the apartment.  Good and bad luck had been what led them all here.  Falling from trains, being taken in by crime circuses, orders given and choices made.  Even the dog’s name was Lucky.  Though his own luck was debatable, they definitely felt lucky to have him.  The black cat was Liho.  A name also associated with luck.  The bad kind this time, but in this case, the stray finding a place to live was debatably more lucky than the dog who had been kicked into traffic coming to the aid of a supremely unlucky guy.  The last cat didn’t fit the naming theme, but where there first was pitch black, Alpine was a pure white.  So he fit.

That’s how it was.  A small place that shouldn’t fit, but it did.  It was noisy and chaotic.  The people there were all a little broken.  They didn’t always get along.  You can’t always after all, but there was something about the kind of broken that they were that balanced each other.  They all knew what it was like to be used.  To have their minds broken and warped.  They each had their own ledgers full of red they wanted to make up for.  They both balanced each other and understood each other.

So it was here that was their home.  In the rundown apartment, squished in their California King, snarking at each other and annoying each other.  Liho always curled up in the middle of the bed, looking like a void and taking up more space than Bucky did at the 5’9, 260 pounds he was.  Alpine liked to sleep on someone’s neck.  He’d wait patiently until people were asleep so that he could.  And Lucky would climb in under the blankets and wedge himself between two of the warm bodies.

It was their family and it fit them perfectly.

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