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The Unicorn – Chapter 1


The Unicorn:  A Pepperony Fanfic

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Word Count:  

Pairing:  Tony Stark x F!Reader x Pepper Potts

Warnings:  Sex talk and language for this chapter.

Synopsis:  Tony Stark has finally reached a point in his life where he feels actually happy.  He’s married and trying for a child.  There’s a new engineer working for Stark Industry who reminds him a lot of himself that he’s taken under his wing.  Everything finally seems to finally be falling into place.  So when Pepper asks if they can find someone to have a threesome with so she can explore her newly realized bisexuality, of course, Tony wants to give that to her. Unicorn hunting is normally a pretty fruitless exercise.  Everyone knows unicorns don’t exist.  That is until Tony finds you.A


Chapter 1

Things had been going really well for Tony Stark.  Everyone he loved was back under the same roof.  Evil had been vanquished.  He didn’t wake up every night gripped with terror.  He was married.  Stark Industries was thriving, as was the Avengers.  It was a nice change, to be honest.  Not to feel the looming dread that everything was going to fall apart at any second.  He actually felt healthy and content for the first time in his entire life.

Tony had gotten used to seeing people come and go through the compound now.  With the Avengers and Stark Industry both sharing the space, there were always new recruits and scientists joining and then moving on when they had achieved what they could.  He was pretty proud of what he’d created.  He’d become really good at getting the people with the most potential from institutions that maybe didn’t carry the academic prestige of your Harvards and Yales and giving them the room to grow until they were poached from him to go work for places like the CIA or Google.

He prided himself at how poachable his staff was.

While he tried not to get too attached to people sometimes he found it hard to avoid.  Sometimes someone would come along and he’d see something in them, or they’d touch some part of him and he knew, no matter what they were going to be a part of his life.

He knew that about you the moment you stepped through the doors.

You were one of the elusive few recruits that had come through a prestigious school.  When he’d seen your resume he’d known he had to at least try to get you to work for them.  He’d been contacted by one of his old classmates who was now a professor at MIT and told there was a female version of him there.  Started her undergraduate at 15.  Started partying heavily at 16.  Still managed to ace everything even when you did show up to exams still half drunk or high from the night before.  Academics coming to you as naturally as breathing did.  You were getting your Ph.D. and he’d offered you a job right away.  He knew you would have been headhunted already but he made the offer, upping his already generous start-up salary and benefits a little more than normal as an incentive, but not so much that the other companies wouldn’t all be overbidding.  He didn’t want you to work for them if it was just about money.  He wanted you to be interested in the job.  So it was the job he had made most enticing.  Freedom to work on your own projects.   Your own lab with minimal supervision and a couple of other new recruits working with you.  The funding to make any project happen as long as it ran inline with Stark Industries core values.

You had sent the same offer back to him with ‘only if I can become an Avenger’ scrawled on the back in what appeared to be a scented, purple gel pen.  Then under it like an afterthought, ‘and one date with Black Widow’.  He had lost it laughing when he had seen that and knew, he knew exactly who you were and what you needed.  He knew he wanted you working at the compound.  Your potential was limitless.  He had written back on the same letter, underneath your note in neat block letters; ‘You can start training to be an Avenger, but you’ll have to work on asking Nat out yourself.’

You had formally accepted the offer three days later.  It was another six months before Tony officially met you.  You’d come in with a group of around twenty new recruits both to Stark Industries and the Avengers.  He and Pepper had been watching from the balcony as they’d come in in little groups.  Usually accompanied by proud and worried parents who were still slightly unwilling to cut the apron strings on their now adult children.

When you had come in you were accompanied by a tall guy and shorter woman, both your age and both carrying boxes and looking bewildered.  You, however, looked completely confident.  There was nothing about you that looked lost.  You strode in pulling a bright purple, glitter suitcase behind you.  You seemed to be wearing a hot pink wig a dress with unicorns on the skirt.  You commanded the room.  Even though you didn’t say a word, all eyes turned to you as you strode to the reception desk.

“I think that’s our MIT girl,”  Tony said watching you as you spoke to the receptionist and she went through the biometric scanning process and where your apartment was along with when and where orientation would happen.

“Oh, the little mini Tony?”  Pepper asked watching you.  “She’s cute too.  That doesn’t seem fair to anyone else does it?”

“Hey, it’s a burden but you learn to get by.”  Tony joked.

Pepper laughed and elbowed him.  “You want to go down and introduce yourself?  You don’t normally make such a big bid to get someone.”

“Yeah, alright.”  Tony agreed and the two of them made their way downstairs.  Tony called your name as he approached and you turned and smiled broadly taking his hand as he offered it.

“Hello Mister Stark, we meet at last.”  You said shaking his hand.  You then moved to shake Pepper’s hand.  “Ms. Potts.  Nice to meet you.”

“And who do we have here?”  Pepper asked gesturing to the people you had arrived with.

You looked at them and raised an eyebrow.  “Uhh… Kelly.”

“Kayley.”  The girl corrected shaking Peppers’ hand.

“And… ugh, sorry dude, not even going to pretend I can remember.”  You said.

The guy shrugged and shook Pepper’s hand too.  “It’s Jeremy.”

“Wild night?”  Tony asked, suppressing a laugh.

“Well, you know.  It’s a Wednesday.”  You said with an exaggerated shrug.  “Anyway, they were too slow with the walk of shame, so I made them help me move.”

“Lucky you,”  Tony said to them with a laugh.  He turned to you an put his hand on your shoulder.  “I’ll let you get settled in.  Just thought I’d touch base.  I look forward to working with you.”

As he watched you leave Pepper started laughed and wrapped an arm around his.  “Oh my god!  She’s you when you were young but without the self-loathing.”

“Hey.  You don’t know.  She might be filled with self-loathing.  We’re really good at hiding it.”  Tony protested as he trailed behind Pepper.

Pepper laughed.  “Not as good as you think you were.”

You settled into the routine of the compound quickly.  Despite the fact that you definitely still enjoyed partying, you had guests over, a lot (in fact everyone was pretty sure you did get that date with Natasha), you always showed up first thing in the morning for training.  Even if you were sometimes still drunk or seriously hungover.  You still outperformed more than half the others.  It frustrated Steve Rogers to no end that you could come in wearing dark glasses and grunting responses but still keep up perfectly fine.

After training, you would head to the lab and work on your projects.  Most were to do with green energy and you usually had four going at once.  Within six months you already had a prototype for an electric car that charged itself with sun chasing orbs on the roof already built.  Tony was very happy that he had you on his team.

He and Bruce had started coming in and spitballing ideas with you once a week.  The brainstorming sessions always had the three of you go away with a list of new projects to work on.  Tony hadn’t felt so intellectually stimulated since the time T’Challa had come by the compound with his little sister.

Home life had been good too.  Tony liked being married.  He hadn’t expected that.  He knew he loved Pepper obviously but he’d spent so long assuming he was unlovable the commitment thing had always scared him.  That on top of just thinking it was an outdated institution that needed to be retired and he had never seen himself as a husband.  Now he was one, he really liked it.  Not much had changed with him and Pepper but it just felt more grounded.  He liked the ring on his finger too.  He liked that for once, he and Pepper were completely and totally on the same page.

Pepper seemed more relaxed.  With Tony retiring from officially being Iron Man and being more involved with just the running of things, she seemed freer to figure herself out.  Who she was and what she actually wanted.  Did she want to be a mother?  If she did would she give up work?  Were there hobbies she had that he never had the time to explore>  Tony loved seeing this new relaxed version of her.

“Do you think you can go most of your life and then suddenly realize one fundamentally important part of your identity when you’re middle-aged?” Pepper asked.

Tony was lying on the couch with her, his head in her lap as she drank white wine and watched the Great British Bake Off.  “What did you realize? That you want to be Britain’s next top pastry chef?  Because I can think of a few problems.”

“Ha-ha, Tony.  Very funny.  No that’s not what I realized.”  She said.  Something in her voice said this was serious.  She was actually struggling with something.

Tony sat at and took her hand.  “I feel like I find something new about me every day.  I mean I didn’t think I wanted to get married and now look at this.”  He said tapping his ring finger.  “I never even considered the possibility of being a dad and now I’m closer to fifty than forty and I kind of really want to be one.”

Pepper furrowed her brow and chewed the inside of her cheek.

“What is it, Pep?  It can’t be that bad.  You are the most amazing person I know, so if there’s a new aspect of you that you’ve just uncovered, it’s probably pretty amazing too.”  Tony said.

Pepper rubbed her thumb along the back of his hand.  “I think I might be bisexual.”  Tony quirked an eyebrow at her and she smacked his thigh.  “Don’t give me that ‘let’s have a threesome’ look.  There will be no threesome.”

“I have a ‘let’s have a threesome’ look?”  Tony asked.  Pepper cocked her eyebrow at him and he chuckled.  “Right.  Of course, I do.  So okay.  You’re attracted to women and men?”

Pepper nodded.  “Yeah.  I always just… I thought that’s how women are.  Women are beautiful and it’s just normal to want to have sex with them.  But I am attracted to men so you go with men if you’re attracted to them.”

Tony started laughing and Pepper shot him a deadly glare.  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m taking it seriously.  Just I like this default attraction to women theory.  Like men just get the people who are also attracted to men.”

“I know it’s stupid okay.  I just… I never really dated.  I focused on work and had a tiny handful of very casual boyfriends who came after me and then I met you.”  She said.

Tony rubbed her thigh and smiled softly at her.  He really liked that she was getting to know herself better.  This was huge and a shame that she hadn’t had time to figure it out sooner.  “I wish I had some advice for you, honey.  The sex stuff I explored pretty thoroughly.”

“Yes, I know.  No need to remind me.”  Pepper deadpanned.

“It’s great your discovering this out though.  It’s a bit like a light bulb going off, isn’t it?  ‘That’s why I feel that way about that!’”  Tony said.

“Yes!  Yes, exactly.  Almost like a relief because it explains why other people are different to you.”  Pepper said relaxing back into the couch.  “I can’t help but think I wasted time or something.  I always had to be a good girl.  Working hard getting things done.  Did I miss out by not experimenting?  Do you not count as Bi of you haven’t had sex with both genders?”

“Pretty sure that’s not how sexuality works,”  Tony said.  He snuggled into Pepper’s side and kissed her throat.  “Though I do wish you had had the opportunity to explore it if that’s what you think would have helped.”

“You’re being very supportive, Tony.  I’m not sure what I expected but I really appreciate it.”  Pepper said.

Tony hummed.  “Sex stuff I get.”

“That’s what she said.”  Pepper teased and they both fell into giggles.

When they settled Pepper went back to watching her show, her fingers absentmindedly flicking through his hair as she finished off her wine.

“Maybe we should consider having a threesome,”  Pepper mused as her show wrapped up.

Tony sat up and looked at her with his eyebrows raised.  “I don’t know what’s going on right now but you should watch more baking shows.”

Pepper shoved him.  “Be serious.”

“When it comes to group sex I’m always serious,”  Tony said.  “No, wait that’s a lie.  I’m normally giggling like a schoolboy.  Are you serious though?”

“Well,”  She hummed.  “I think so.  I mean, you gave up that life for me.  And don’t get me wrong I trust you and I know you’re committed to me, but you did.  Here’s something I think might be worth exploring and you have the experience.  You could be my guide.”

Tony looked at Pepper feeling so much love in his heart for the analytical woman that she had always been.  “That was the most you way to bring up a threesome that could have happened.  Are you sure about this though?  It doesn’t really seem like a ‘you’ thing.”

Pepper tapped her foot on the ground as she thought.  “Yes.  Yes, I think I am.  We can always stop if I’m not enjoying it right?”

Tony took both her hands in his.  “You’re the boss.”  He said.  “If we do, you make sure you stop if you get uncomfortable at all.  I know that with my history you might be into you and someone else, but me and someone else could dredge some stuff up.”

Pepper leaned over and kissed Tony.  It was deep and loving and she wrapped an arm around him and carded her hand through his hair.  “I’m so glad I married you.”

“Yeah, you sure got lucky with that one.”  Tony teased.  “So you want to find someone?”

“You do it.”  Pepper said quickly.   “You’ve done this kinda thing before.”

“You sure you just want me to bring someone back for you to have sex with?  You don’t want to… I don’t know?”  Tony said waving his hands around.

“Someone we know.”  She said.  “But not Natasha.”

Tony snorted.  “Don’t think I could if you wanted me to,”  Tony said sitting back in the chair and thinking about the people he knew that might agree to this.  He strummed his fingers along the arm of the chair as he flicked through potential candidates in his head.  Then you popped into his head.  “What about the new girl?”

“Mini you?”  Pepper mused.  “She’s very young but I think that could work.”

“Yeah, I think there’s no risk of her getting attached.  Plus she definitely is into that kind of thing.”  Tony said.

“Be careful if you ask, Tony.  You’re her boss.  She could feel pressured and we do not want a sexual harassment suit on our hands”  Pepper said.  “Make sure she knows that this is a no pressure request and don’t be sleazy about it.”

“Do you want to ask her?”  Tony teased.

Pepper shook her head.  “No.”

Tony rubbed Pepper’s leg.  “Then trust me.”

Tony moved around the kitchen in the Avengers’ common room making himself coffee.  He had figured this might be the best place to broach the subject of a threesome.  It was a safe neutral space.  People came in and out so you wouldn’t feel trapped.  It wasn’t a formal work area so it should lessen any feeling like this was the boss using his power to intimidate you.

You came in looking immaculate yet in that slightly left of center as you always did.  Your hair looked like you’d just stepped out of a salon and you were wearing a red plaid dress over fishnets.

“Hey, boss.  You wanted to see me?”  You said as you sidled over to him.

“Didn’t you just have training?”  Tony asked.

“Like an hour ago.  I showered.”  You scoffed as you helped yourself to a cookie.  Tony shook his head and held up the French press.  “Oh god yes.”  You said.

He poured you a cup of coffee and leaned against the kitchen bench.  “Alright.  So I guess I’ll just cut to the chase.”  He said.  “And I want you to know, this is a zero pressure, not me coming to you as the boss at all.  This is seriously just an ‘if you’re interested’ thing.”

“Jesus, Tony.  No,  I’m not going to help you cheat on your wife.”  You said straightening up like you were ready to fight.

“Woah!  Hey, no.  That’s not… that’s not where I was going with this.”  Tony said.

You relaxed again and looked him over.  “Oh my god.  You’re unicorn hunting.  Who’s idea was it?  Yours or Ms. Potts?”

“I’m what now?”  Tony asked.

“Hunting unicorn.  You know, looking for a bi girl to have a threesome with.”  You explained and took a drink from your coffee.

Tony blinked at you for a moment before getting himself back together.  “Right.  It was Pepper…”

“Exploring her sexuality?”  You asked.

Tony felt like he’d lost complete control over this conversation.  It wasn’t something that happened often and he felt like a deer in headlights.  “Yeah, she uhh…”

“You know unicorns don’t exist right?”  You said.  “They’re mythical creatures.  Only in fairy tale books and porn.”

“Yes… I uhh… Look.  It’s just…”  Tony babbled trying to get control on this conversation again.  Or at least figure out where his place in it was.

You stepped over to him and tapped his chest.  “It’s a good thing you just stumbled on a full-blown, honest to god, unicorn then isn’t it?”


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